Welcome to Midlands Black Rhino Conservancy

A serene environment in the heart of Midlands Province in Zimbabwe.
The conservancy is an hour's drive east of Kwekwe on the Mvuma road.
• To protect and to conserve the environment and wildlife, particularly but not limited to the Rhinoceros.
• To promote and engage in best practicable wildlife and land management practices that ensures a safe wildlife haven.
MBRC uses its best effort to conserve biodiversity and wildlife to protect our natural environment. We use a partnership approach where we work with wildlife trusts, local communities, government, state agencies, provincial authorities and district councils, all of whom play a major part in our success.
MBRC welcomes donations from organisations as well as individuals. We also have unique volunteer options for select projects.
Please contact us for more information should you wish to volunteer or to donate.
Partnerships have been essential for us to drive change at the scale needed. All our partners be they major corporates or individuals, make a huge difference to our cause. Click here to see a list of people who have helped the conservancy.

Our Projects

Rhino Conservation Project

Our rhinos are protected by a team of motivated and dedicated Rhino Monitors under the supervision of the Conservator. MBRC is destined to be the next White Rhino Sanctuary.

Leopard Research

We use a citizen science approach in collaboration with keen youth from the community, where data is collected by means of camera traps and scat collection.

Vegetation Rehabilitation Program

This project seeks to re-vegetate the mined areas with native vegetation in order to maintain the integrity of the Rhino, Sable and Cheetah prime habitats.

Sable Project

We have an ongoing Sable habitat suitability mapping project. Please contact us for more information.


Game Drives

We offer game drives in th conservancy giving you an opportunity to see large herds of sable, kudu, buffalo and other animals.

Bird Watching

MBRC has over 200 bird species including the rare ground hornbill. This is due to the availability of a diverse habitat including the lake and many small dams, two major rivers as well as an expanse of a terrestrial habitat.


Midlands Black Rhino Conservancy offers fishing opportunities in Lake Sebakwe and Sebakwe River. We also has at our disposal, the Chitsuwa Dam which is to the northern side of the conservancy. Target species include the bream, the bass, bulldog and catfish.

Latest News


Soccer Fever High as MBRC Soccer Tournament Preparations Progress

The tournament is an annual MBRC sponsored soccer extravaganza. This year it is co-sponsored by ACF Mine.

The aim of the soccer tournament is to bring the community together and raise conservation awareness and is a platform to remind people who attend about their role and responsibility towards curbing rhino poaching.

This year, the first round of the tournament is being defended by the Black Rhinos Soccer Club, has attracted ten teams from all communities surrounding the conservancy. The teams qualified by playing knock-out rounds in their respective communities. This year the finals will be sometime in November 2017 at Bob Swift Community Ground. Entrance is free and is most certainly an event not to be missed.

Look out for more announcements in this regard.

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Mrs. Shamhu, Deputy Head of Sebakwe Primary School

Deputy Head, Sebakwe Primary School

I am very excited to have been to Sebakwe Education Centre and to the Conservancy with the school children. If you want to have an exhilarating outdoor experience, then MBRC is the place to be.


Shylet Gutu, Professional Hunter/Guide

I visited MBRC with some school children and I am now a regular visitor to the conservancy. The conservancy has a captiating ecological phenomena which is of great interest to environmentalist!

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